Mark Nicholas

Mark Nicholas has been a photographer for more than 20 years and has taken photographs throughout the world, including Africa, Antarctica, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Mark takes a special enjoyment in shooting highly technical styles of photography, including astrophotography, ballistic, high speed, low light and time lapse, including in particular beverage and splash photography.

Mark is the owner of Manhattan Beach Studios, specializing in commercial, portrait and product photography. He is a graduate of Syracuse University College of Law and has worked with artists and creative professionals on their business and legal needs for more than 25 years. Mark is the author of three books with more on the way. As a photographer and business owner, Mark has taught hundreds of photography, lighting and specialty courses.

Savana Lilly Jewelry

Our jewelry pieces are stunning, timeless pieces that can be worn today or 10 years from now. Each piece exudes style both for casual wear and elegant wear.

Kathleen Robinson

Rod Cusic

My art strives to harvest my understanding and appreciation of American Founding Fathers, DaVinci’s Classic and Eintein’s Cosmic Renaissance mindset to create composition rich story-telling works, with exotic figures and inspirational land-sea-quantum-space-scapes.

Tom Delaney

Tom Delaney started painting at the age of ten.  He went on to receive an art scholarship in his undergraduate studies.  His junior year he switched his Major to Business.  He went on to receive his MBA and for the past 25+ years he has been a Corporate Executive for world class companies, such as, Disney and Mattel.

After undergoing a Kidney Transplant two years ago, Tom re-evaluated his life and returned to his original passion of painting. 

Tom lives in South Bay, CA and specializes in Beach scenes, but enjoys all subject matter that “captures a moment in time,” for his clients.

Tom typically uses a technique called “Malerisch” or Painterliness, a German term popularized by Swiss art historian Heinrich Woolfflin.  Translated loosely, Malerisch means a “Celebration of Paint.”  Some well known artists whose work would be characterized as Malerisch include Van Gogh, Matisse, Rembrandt and Renoir. All prints can be produced at different sizes and materials (e.g. paper, canvas, aluminum).

For more information visit www.TDELANEYART.COM or contact Tom at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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